How to Install WhatsApp on Windows 8.1

How to Install WhatsApp Desktop on windows - More than 1 billion peoples from 180 countries are using Whatsapp because Whatsapp is easy to operate. By using Whatsapp it allows for sending of text message, voice or even video calls. Many interesting features from Whatsapp that can use while using this application such as Group Chat feature, Snap Story and document sharing.

Whatsapp application runs on a mobile phone but you can use Whatsapp in your Computer. While Whatsapp is accessible from your computer, it will be easier to share your any document from your windows computer and you don't need to save the document into your mobile phone. In this tutorial, I'll give you a few steps on how to install WhatsApp on your computer.

How to use WhatsApp on your computer

The First step to install Whatsapp in your computer you need to download Whatsapp application from the internet. Open your browser and visit then choose DOWNLOAD IT menu,  because now we will install Whatsapp application in Windows, Choose DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS.

How to Install WhatsApp on Windows 8.1

The browser will automatically download the Whatsapp application. After the browser finishes to download Whatsapp, you can click to open it and Whatsapp will begin to install.

How to Install WhatsApp on Windows 8.1

If your windows security is display, just click Run button to continue for installing your Whatsapp.

How to Install WhatsApp on Windows 8.1

Wait until your computer finishes to installing Whatsapp application. 

Until at this step, this QR code will display and you need to scan this code with your WhatsApp application in mobile phone.

How to Install WhatsApp on Windows 8.1

Now I will explain how to access your Whatsapp into your windows computer.

Open your Whatsapp in your mobile phone and click the options button at the top right position.

How to Install WhatsApp on Windows 8.1

And then you just need to click Whatsapp Web menu to scan your QR Code from your windows computer.

How to Install WhatsApp on Windows 8.1

And Then Point your camera’s phone to the QR code in your Windows Computer.

How to Install WhatsApp on Windows 8.1

After you have scanned the code in your windows computer, wait until your computer connecting to your Whatsapp account. And then Whatsapp will automatically connect and you can use your Whatsapp in your windows.

How to Install WhatsApp on Windows 8.1

Until these steps, you have finished accessing your application and can enjoy the interesting features of Whatsapp desktop.

In this Tutorial, I’m using Windows 8.1 Pro (x64), before you install Whatsapp Desktop version for your computer, you need to know that minimal specification to installing Whatsapp on the Desktop is using Windows 8 (x86, x64) Operating system or higher (source :

So that is the tutorial about How To Install Whatsapp Desktop in Windows, Thank you so much for visiting my website.

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