How to Hide Files and Folders in Windows 10

How to Hide Files and Folders in Windows 10 - Do you have a secret file that must be hidden and does not want to be known by others? For example, personal photos or videos, or maybe important documents that other people don't want to erase when your laptop is borrowed.
How to Hide Files and Folders in Windows 10
This time will explain the steps on how to hide a file or folder in Windows 10 through file explorer, the goal is that the file or folder cannot be found by others.

How to Hide Files and Folders Through File Explorer

Here are the steps on how to hide files and folders in Windows 10 easily through file explorer.

1. Please open the file explorer by pressing the Windows button + E on your keyboard.

2. Navigate to the folder or file you want to hide.

For example, I have one folder and three files in the My Documents folder as seen in the image below.

Here I want to hide two files namely 1 and 2, just select the two files, then right-click and select the Properties menu.

Then the Properties window will appear as shown below, on the General tab please click the Hidden option in the Attributes section. 

After that, please click the OK button.

Then the file that we have hidden earlier will disappear as shown below.

Until here we have managed to hide the file. Now we will try to hide the folder in the same way.

Please select the folder to hide -> right-click and select Properties -> then check the Hidden options in the Attributes section.

If the folder that you want to hide is not empty, the Confirm Attribute Changes window will appear as seen in the image below, please select the Apply change to this folder, subfolders and files option.
Now we have successfully hidden the folder.

Now the files and folders that we hide are safe and cannot be accessed and found by others who use our computers.

How to Display Hidden Files and Folders

If you want to access files or folders that you have hidden, you can display it by clicking the View menu then clicking the Hidden items option.

Hidden files will look more transparent than other files.

Well, I hope this tutorial can be useful for you, thanks and see you next time.

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